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Easy Does It, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals and families recovering from the effects of addiction, thus contributing to the betterment of our community and society as a whole.

EDI is Proud to be Celebrating Our 25 Year Anniversary!

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Resident Life

We have said many times before that our business requires us to be like farmers, we are not always afforded the opportunity of seeing the harvest :one of our residents really getting ” LONG-RECOVERY”, but what we do get to always do is prepare the crop, either by planting the seed, watering the seed that someone else may have planted, weeding, sowing, turning the soil and sometimes even enjoying the crops.

This summer our male community took this analogy to heart and have created a new program at Easy Does it….Gardening!  They have transformed a pile of dirt in our backyard into a lush beautiful garden that has allowed us to enjoy our own fresh produce.  These GUYS ROCK!  RECOVERY IN ACTION!

Butch Garden


Why we do what we do…..the gifts of watching broken individuals become whole…..

Jodi and Keith,

As I sit and reflect for a moment on my 20 month anniversary, as well as today’s Just For Today daily meditation, I often wonder why I have been blessed with such great gifts in my life. I often think very negatively about myself when I fall short.  Whether in life, at my job, or in my recovery, I realize that the expectations I place on myself are extremely unrealistic, and when I do not live up to my expectations, I then feel very poorly about myself.  As I have been speaking with several people in my support group over the past few days, I was reminded about one thing. Recovery is not just about putting down the drug, and learning to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, but also having the ability to recognize patterns, and behaviors, that I have used before and during my addiction. Once those patterns are recognized, I have a choice to either make a conscious effort to change those patterns, or to allow those patterns to continue unnoticed.  I also learned in my first step, that I cannot do it alone, and I am learning through my second step that I must learn to ask for help.  Sometimes, for me, the help appears before I am able to ask for it, and I do not see it until after the fact.  That help, for me, is one of the greatest gifts of recovery.

The grace that you and Keith have given me, is the greatest gift that I have ever received.   Words cannot express my gratitude towards you both.  I often sit and think “What do people see in me?” or “Why do I get a second chance?”  The only explanation that I am able to comprehend right now is that my Higher Power sees something in me, and he is passing what he sees to you both.  When the time is right, it will be revealed to me, and when I look back at my time here at Easy Does It, I will then understand, but for today, there is more work that I need to do to understand why.

I want to thank you both again from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Phil


It’s an opportunity to give a face and voice to recovery. Easy Does It hosts two annual events to celebrate National Recovery Month. Our annual Recovery Walk and Soberstock. These are both free events.

Our Recovery Walk is a community collaborative to educate, advocate and inspire others. Soberstock is held at our Leesport facility on 1300 Hilltop road.  It is a daylong music extravaganza with activities for families and children.