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I am Angelic and I am an addict.

I have been clean for two years and five months with the help of Easy Does It. When I came here, which by the ways of jail, I had been clean for one year, but was unsure of how I was gonna continue to stay clean. I got my first year clean in jail so I didn’t really learn any living skills or tools to staying clean until I got to easy Does it.

While residing at Easy Does It, I learned to how to be responsible and the tools I needed to stay clean; meetings, sponsor, paying my rent when it was due, doing chores. Easy Does It taught me how to live and transition into living life on life’s terms. Easy Does It was the best thing to happen in my life since getting clean.

I became employable and have been able to hold down a job for ten months now and I have been living on my own for seven months while maintaining my sobriety because of the everyday living skills I have learned at Easy Does It. This place truly saved my life. I am actually here today sharing my experience, strength, and hope with the residents who now live here; hoping to be an inspiration to them, as others were for me when I first got here.

This program works and saves lives and I am living proof of that. I could never repay Easy Does It for saving my life. I will forever be grateful to this program.


With Love,

An addict named;