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Make a Difference Club

Please consider contributing to Easy Does It, Inc.’s Resident Health and Wellness Fund. By joining the Make a Difference Club, you are providing the stepping stones to recovery for EDI’s clients within a safe, supportive and structured living environment. Each progressive level of giving is named for one of EDI’s Core Values which guide our interactions with one another and with others. Your contribution allows us to share these values with our clients and to make a difference in their lives.

All of EDI’s supportive housing program residents are homeless at the time of admission to EDI. Whether they come from the streets, treatment or detoxification centers, the criminal justice system, or from unsafe or unstructured living environments, most of EDI’s residents lack basic resources. In addition to providing a fully furnished living environment, food and transportation services, EDI also routinely provides clothing, toiletries, and other basic quality-of-life resources to new residents.

Additionally, many residents lack the financial resources or healthcare coverage to address numerous health and wellness issues. Consequently, EDI residents lack access to physical and mental health services, continued drug and alcohol treatment, necessary prescription medications, dental and vision care, and a host of other vital health and wellness services.
EDI is committed to helping clients bridge the gap so that they can maintain full and uninterrupted access to critical health and wellness services, and to provide clients with basic resources to enjoy dignity and quality of life.