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Dave N.

I am David and I am an alcoholic.

When I came to EDI in May of 2011, I was a broken man due to my use of drugs and alcohol. EDI helped me get my life back.  I learned how to live my life by attending meetings and meeting new people in recovery.  I began to realize that people who I did not think would accept me, really would.  The staff and residents all became family, the family that I needed. EDI helped me get a job.  I would work hard for two and a half years until I was diagnosed with ALS.  EDI stood by me through the thick of it, helping me realize that though I had ALS,  I didn’t have to return to a life of drugs and alcohol because I had so many people that cared for me. At some point I might have to go to a disability home due to the loss of the use of my legs, but I know until that time that EDI will be here to love and support me in my decisions.