EDI’s certified recovery specialists provide free services to anyone who desires.  Our recovery specialists will guide you in building a foundation in recovery and support you every step of the way in your journey.

Whether it’s meeting one-on-one in private and confidential sessions, attending one of our groups, or simply getting connected to other community resources, EDI’s recovery specialists are here to help at no cost to you or your family. 

Getting reconnected or engaging in a new pathway of recovery isn’t easy and our recovery specialists are here to help.  EDI’s recovery specialists have years of experience in assessing an individual’s recovery capital (strengths and opportunities for growth).  Recovery specialists can help you identify goals — and strategies to reach those goals — through the development of an individualized recovery plan. 

We will provide additional support to you in many areas, such as family reunification, job searching, and connecting you with medication assisted treatment, licensed counseling, mental & physical health resources, and signing up for public assistance and benefits.    

Please call or drop by today to meet with one of the members of our Team.  We are here to help!

New Service Location: EDI at Atonement!