Families and Community Members

Family members of EDI residents as well as members of the community have the right to file complaints or grievances regarding specific incidents or concerns. EDI encourages open communication and mutual cooperation between staff, participants, families and members of the community. We encourage individuals to speak directly to EDI staff about specific incidents or concerns.

If a complaint, concern or specific situation remains unresolved, persons can submit a complaint or grievance. Complaint and grievance instructions and forms are to be available at EDI’s company website at www.easydoesitinc.org.

Easy Does It, Inc. recognizes two level of complaints:

1. A complaint in which a family member or community member feels unhappy, dissatisfied or aggrieved with our service and wants to inform appropriate representatives with the matter.

2. A written grievance with Easy Does It, Inc. requesting a follow-up response within 15 working days.

Complaints –

· Complaints may be expressed in person or by phone.

· Persons will be offered a grievance form or instructions whenever a complaint is verbally expressed.

· If the person declines to file a formal grievance, EDI will document the complaint and any follow-up, and forward the information to appropriate staff. EDI will investigate matters as warranted and as reasonable to improve program operations.

· EDI will inform program management and leadership regarding complaints and actions taken.

Grievances –

· Grievances must be completed in writing and signed.

o If the person cannot or will not submit a written grievance, but still wants follow-up, EDI staff shall verbally accept the grievance and prepare a written grievance form for the person’s signature.

· Grievances should be submitted as soon as possible after the occurrence, but no later than 30 days after the date of occurrence.

· All written grievances against EDI program, service, or staff member shall be reviewed and investigated by appropriate program management.

· The complainant will receive written notification of the results of the investigation of his/her grievance.

· Grievances will normally be responded to within 15 working days of receipt of the grievance, unless otherwise notified.

· The individual has the right to confidentiality. Only information relevant to the grievance itself will be released to appropriate personnel without consent.

· The complainant may appeal to the EDI Executive Director if dissatisfied with the results of the investigation of the grievance.

· If satisfaction is not achieved, the complainant may appeal to the EDI Board of Directors.

· If satisfaction is not achieved, the complainant may contact DDAP at 717-783-8675 or https://www.ddap.pa.gov/Pages/Contact-Us.aspx

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