Quality Improvement

Easy Does It, Inc. (EDI) is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our residents. In order to accomplish this, EDI maintains a dedicated Quality Committee made up of members of EDI’s Management Team and Board of Directors. The quality committee assists EDI management in setting benchmarks for critical outcomes, monitoring outcomes, identifying issues, and establishing plans to improve services. 

In turn, EDI Management works to constantly improve services through monitoring, supervision, and education. Recovery Support Specialists (RSSs) receive regular individual and group supervision to ensure effective service delivery and provide the opportunity for consultation. House Managers also have regular meetings to identify and resolve any housing-specific issues. Lastly, all EDI staff are encouraged to bring any issues or suggestions for improvements to management.



EDI programs and services were deeply impacted by the covid-19 pandemic in FY2020-2021. Despite the pandemic, the quality of EDI programming and client outcomes were very good. EDI’s recovery housing programs had an occupancy rate of 90.4%, serving a total of 139 clients, 85% of whom were Berks County residents. Of the 139 clients served, 84% (117/139) remained abstinent from drugs and alcohol during their stay. Of the 69 residents who discharged voluntarily during the year, 72% achieved 3 or more goals in their individualized recovery plan, 78% were engaged in a pathway of recovery, and 75% maintained or increased their income during their residency at EDI.


During the 2019/2020 fiscal year, Easy Does It, Inc. served 128 individuals in our supportive housing programs. Of these 128 persons served, 81% were abstinent from drugs and alcohol while residing in our program and upon discharge. When individuals actively engage in our services for at least three months, 85% achieve 3 or more goals in their individual recovery plan, 71% maintain or increase their income, and 88% engage in a pathway of recovery.


During the 2018/2019 fiscal year Easy Does It served 142 individuals. Of these individuals, 76% were abstinent from drugs and alcohol when they left our program. When individuals actively engaged in our services for at least three months, 95% achieved 3 or more goals on their individual recovery plan, 80% left the program with gainful employment, and 83% moved into stable housing that was supportive of their recovery.

EDI is committed to protecting the health and safety of our residents and community. We continue to monitor the pandemic and follow public health guidance.