Brandon O.

Staff was always helpful and caring and provided me with structure and balance to assist in my recovery. I also enjoyed all the extra activities that were planned to keep me busy.

Alfred M.

EDI is a non-judgmental safe place for me. They set a pace I could handle and I enjoyed the structure of the groups and meetings. They also helped me get set up with other organizations that opened my eyes to other areas in my life where I needed help.

Dan M.

“I write this as I approach my 13th year of sobriety and a bedrock of my recovery foundation was laid during my time at Easy Does It. The mentorship I received from staff I still think of today, lessons that have served me so well in the years of early recovery. The community it have…

Isaac L.

“I enjoyed the independent yet supportive environment EDI offered. The staff and community were essential to my success. They helped me build trust, set and achieve realistic goals. I was introduced to many different options to help me find my way. EDI even introduced me to new, fun, and exciting activities to help keep me…

Robert T.

The structure is a blessing, it has enabled me to organize and create a schedule that is conclusive to living a happy sober life. I especially enjoy participating in Soberstock, paddleboarding, and the Men’s Spiritual Breakfast. -Robert T. -Sober since 2/2019

Tami L.

Easy Does It gave me peace of mind to know I was safe. With the help and encouragement of a well trained Recovery Support Staff I was given guidance and held accountable for actions. In doing so, I began to honor my responsibilities, and learn to begin changing my life. I found willingness to make…

Grace S.

By the time I got to Easy Does It, I had ran my life into the ground and ruined every relationship I had. The staff at Easy Does It, helped me and cared for me without any judgement. The structure was exactly what I needed. I am forever grateful to EDI and the staff that…


EDI stood by me through the thick of it, helping me realize that though I had ALS,  I didn’t have to return to a life of drugs and alcohol because I had so many people that cared for me. At some point I might have to go to a disability home due to the loss…

David B.

When I got to EDI I was welcomed with open arms. Not by just anyone, but by people just like me. They not only welcomed me but taught me there IS a way to LIVE again. This was a program that involved EVERYTHING, not just the alcohol and drugs, but my health, and how I…

Yvonne O.

Easy Does It, Inc. gave me a chance. A chance to better myself and to help others on their journey. The staff works together as a team. They are helpful and go above and beyond for the residents. Everybody does their part to help build strength in the community.

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