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Change Images on Homepage

In this section we will take a look at how to change the images on your homepage.

Click on customize at the top of the page, on your admin toolbar. If you do not see this please make sure you login to the site by using easydoesitinc.org/wp-admin

Then click theme options, then homepage.

Next, click the dropdown of the slide you would like to edit and click “Change Image”

Change Excerpt on Cards

Here we will look at how to make changes to the text written on the cards on the homepage.

First step is to click on the card you would like to make changes to. Once you get to that page, click edit page on your admin bar. If you do not see the bar, make sure you are logged in and that your url starts with https://

After you have clicked edit page, you will see the backend editor and at the bottom right will be excerpts

Once the excerpt has been edited to include what you would like to be reflected on the home page, click update at the top right.

Create Posts to show on Homepage Slider

To create a new post that displays on the slider at the bottom of the homepage hover over “+New” and click “Post”. This will allow you to create a new post.

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