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Adding a New Testimonial

To add a new testimonial you will need to look at the bar on the left side of your screen, hover over “Testimonials” and click “Add New”.

Fill out the form here. Remember that the “Enter a Highlight” section will be your title. You will need to scroll down and select the rotator you would like the testimonial to be a part of.

Once you add a new testimonial you’ll want to navigate to https://www.easydoesitinc.org/edi-testimonials/ to add the testimonial to the testimonial page. We are displaying these as single posts, one on top of the other. Go to edit page and the page will look like this:

To display the new testimonial, open “Testimonials” from the left admin toolbar in a new tab. Copy the “display as single” shortcode from the far right column and paste it into the shortcode section of the Testimonials Page.

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