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Our Team

Editing Our Team Page

Update 10/7/2020 – Cap Web Solutions

The Our Team page is now being managed via the Ultimate Member plugin. Ultimate Member permits you to add users to your website and assign them to various classifications. EDII is using User Roles to differentiate employee/team classifications.

Of specific use on the Our Team page are the roles Executive Team Members and Team Member.

When you add a new team member to the organization use the User | Add New navigation item from the WordPress admin dashboard. The last entry on the Add New User screen is Ultimate Member Role. Select the appropriate role and save.

Once the new member has been added you can view their profile from the front end of the website (the public facing Our Team page), select the ‘Edit Profile’ button and make the necessary changes to the profile fields.

Your Our Team page requires a name, title, email address and profile for executive team members and the same plus a phone number for Our Staff.

Note that if a profile is not available for a team member, you need to add a space in the actual profile field to maintain the row layout of the photos.

Save any changes. Note the character limits for the profile field.

The names are sorted alphabetically by last name.

Original Our Team Editing

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